River To River Festival

River To River Festival
Jun 16

River To River Festival

Co-commissioned by LMCC and Arts Brookfield for the 2018 River To River Festival, Of Granite and Glass is part of choreographer Catherine Galassos 10-part series, Of Iron and Diamonds, based on Boccaccios 14th-century Decameron. The performance will combine her signature cinematic tableaux, whimsical nonlinear narratives and charismatic performers to engage in a choreographic dialogue with the architecture and atmosphere of the Winter Garden at Brookfield Place. Performers will transform the space into a singular spectacle as they move between episodic and virtuosic movements on multiple planes, shaped closely by the grandeur and intrigue of Cesar Pellis grand marble staircase. More Info: http://lmcc.net/program/river-to-river/

when: June 16 @ 7pm - 9pm
where: Multiple Locations in Lower Manhattan, Lower Manhattan, New York, NY, USA map
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