Flatland Juggling Festival

Flatland Juggling Festival
Jun 08

Flatland Juggling Festival

Juggling is an inherently risky business. Participants in all Flatland Festival activities assume all risks and waive all rights to compensatory damages from any sponsoring party. Neither Omaha Juggling Club, nor the umbrella organization, I Think It Rolled Under the Couch: A Nebraska Juggling Club, (hereinafter Host Clubs) nor any individual club member or associate or family, friend, heir, assign or dog is responsible for any injuries sustained while wielding any sharp or any blunt object or objects and attempting to show off or perform in any way with said objects. Torches, unicycles, knives, bowling balls and other items that may be thrown or waved or rolled or lit on fire are specifically included among the hazards that participants may face and for which injuries sustained by which the Host Club disclaims any liability. More Info below.

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when: June 8 @ 5pm - June 10 @ 1pm
where: Center for Healthy Living at University of Nebraska Medical Center, 3908 Jones St, Omaha, NE, USA map
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