Come Socialize & Network Like A Boss At This Tuesday Hotspot

Come Socialize & Network Like a Boss at this TUESDAY Hotspot
Jan 22

Come Socialize & Network Like A Boss At This Tuesday Hotspot

Come check out amazing, top bars in Santa Monica & Venice where you can actually have a conversation without yelling, relax on loungy furniture, or maybe hang out by a firepit while sipping on your favorite cocktail. Better yet, use the Snippet?? iOS app to see who around you has common professions, hobbies, or interests and wants to engage in conversation with someone new! Approach. Engage. Repeat. It's simple: 1) Download the Snippet?? iOS app! Set up your awesome, short, sweet Snippet / profile. 2) Go to ROOSTERFISH on TUESDAYS between 6 & 9 p.m., or go to one of the other SNIPPET?? HOTSPOTS on its respective designated weekly night (See other events on Eventbrite, Meetup, or Facebook). 3) Check in to the venue in the Snippet?? iOS app. 4) See who else is there without working the entire room. Approach with confidence ("Hey, I liked your snippet. I salsa dance too!"), and talk to someone new! ABOUT SNIPPET??: Snippet?? is easy to set up and gives you a short, sweet snippet of info about each user checked into your venue & surrounding venues. Go into social mode or networking mode. No extensive profiles and no in-app chatting. Approach. Engage. Meet the right people. Snippet?? is currently only available to iOS. Android & mobile web versions coming soon. FOR SOCIAL VENUES: Snippet?? shows you who wants to be approached. Green dot by the name for "Open Approach." Red dot by the name for "Request Approach." I have found some of the best socially conducive bars in Santa Monica and Venice. Events occur on certain nights weekly at the following bars to increase the number of attendees & provide the best environment: Bodega Wine Bar, Solidarity Patio Bar, Roosterfish, The Lincoln Wine Bar, & Solidarity. See events for which nights to go. FOR NETWORK EVENTS: Snippet?? makes networking efficient. No more wasting time or trying to read name tags or work an entire room to find your most valuable connections. Partnerships with networking events are coming soon as well. More Info

when: January 22 @ 6pm - 9pm
where: Roosterfish, 1302 Abbot Kinney Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA, 90291 map
price: Free
category: Salsa



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