Contact Improv Playshop: A Community-Oriented Dance & Movement Exploration

Contact Improv Playshop: a Community-Oriented Dance & Movement Exploration
Jan 17

Contact Improv Playshop: A Community-Oriented Dance & Movement Exploration

What does "Contact Improv Playshop" mean?1. "Contact"Our exploration of self, space, movement, and relationship to others is informed by the practice of Contact Improvisation (CI). We are all in contact with the earth, with other beings in the space, with the sounds and textures and even with our own internal rhythms. We will practice connecting through physical, energetic, and visual contact with others, while creating greater awareness of our own physical space, boundaries, and how to communicate and honor our needs, desires, and curiosity. Of course, there will be many opportunities to be in contact physically with other humans -- to give and receive physical touch, which is an essential nutrient for a healthy mind and body.2. "Improv"Many people associate Improvisation with creativity, comedy, "making stuff up" or "doing a lot." In this case, improv simply means WITHOUT PLANNING AHEAD or doing prescribed moves or steps as is common in many other forms of social dance. Contact Improv is more about listening, being present, and connecting with others and with the environment through the entire body. Contact Improv is less like Swing Dance or Salsa, and more like a meditation on the connection between bodies, a communication and exploration in the present movement.3. "Playshop"This is not a class, and it's not a jam (though it will include elements of both). It's a community movement exploration with a strong focus on elements of play, presence, spontaneity, and connection. Many would call it a "workshop" but I think we all do plenty of work already! In fact, many of us will be arriving at the event after a full day of "work" in an environment that is restrictive, limiting, or oppressive. Let's create a clear delineation that we are all here at the Playshop by choice and with the intention to heal our bodies, connect with others, and have a good time. It's an opportunity to let go of the outside world and PLAY like puppies or small children would.We'll meet every Thursday evening in 2019 in the beautiful, newly renovated Dance Alive Center (in the 18th Street Arts Center in Santa Monica).Please be on time! That means arriving a few minutes before 7pm. Be aware that we will "seal the container" at 7:15pm. Anyone arriving after the container is sealed will not be able to join the playshop. This is for everyone's safety and it creates a different quality of group energy and trust that is easily broken if new, unknown people were to join after the agreements are set.The CI Playshop will flow through 6 phases: 1. Welcome, Warm up2. Opening circle, group norms and agreements (7:15pm seal the container)3. Structured exercises (skill-building and contact games, partner switching)4. Jam Space (a focused, playful space for exploration)5. Harvest and Closing Circle (Official Playshop finish is 9:30pm)6. Open play space, projects, "after jam," "one-to-ones," etc. (we will see what manifests each week. The space stays open until 11:00pm)YOU DO NOT NEED ANY EXPERIENCE to attend this event. Not in dance, not in improv, not in anything. Just come with an open mind and a willingness to make physical contact with other people.Long pants encouraged, like yoga pants or sweats. A shirt that covers the shoulders is preferred over tank-tops (if you have sensitive skin, long-sleeve shirt is a good idea. You may prefer to wear socks, so please bring a pair.This is a sober event, please do not take or bring drugs or alcohol. It turns out being in contact with other humans is a fantastic and natural way to get high on oxytocin, dopamine, serotonin :-D It's also an explicitly non-sexual space. We'll talk about this more during the opening circle and agreements each week.The first event already had 30 people in attendance and almost everybody bought tickets ahead of time. Taking payments by VenMo was a logistical challenge, so we're going to route all ticket sales through EventBrite from now on. This is the only way to make it totally clear when the event is actually sold out, and you will know for sure whether you have a spot reserved when you get your ticket sale confirmation. We will still sell tickets at the door, but only if there is space remaining.If tickets sell out there you may add yourself to the waitlist, and you will be notified if tickets become available.Lots of free parking is available. You are welcome to park in the lot at 18th Street Arts Center. If the lot is full, you can find parking on 18th street or on Olympic (check the signs on Olympic, the block just southwest of 18th is a bus zone).Any questions? Please email [hidden] or call David at [hidden] To be added to the mailing list for announcements, please email [hidden] with the subject line "Add me!" More Info below.

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when: January 17 @ 7pm - 9:30pm
where: Dance Alive®, 1629 18th Street, #7, Santa Monica, CA, 90404 map
category: Salsa



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