Beat The Sugar Blues! A Holistic Wellness Workshop

Beat the Sugar Blues! A Holistic Wellness Workshop
Jan 16

Beat The Sugar Blues! A Holistic Wellness Workshop

Do you experience intense cravings for sugary foods? Do you often feel as though you’re completely drained by 3 pm? Do you find yourself reaching for something sugary to get a boost of energy throughout the day? Everyone knows that too much sugar is no good for the body. It’s the leading cause of silent inflammation and can lead to all kinds of illness and dis-ease, not to mention bloating and cramps, headaches and taking you on the mood swing roller coaster! So, How do you beat the Sugar Blues??? Join us in person for an intimate group workshop where we will answer this question and many more about your personal sugar roller coaster. Learn how to identify hidden sugars in your food Learn holistic tips on how to avoid excess sugars Receive delicious recipes that help curb your sugar addiction Enjoy samples of recipes and holistic cooking tips Sample menu planning to avoid Sugar Traps! Take home healthy teas, spices and other items to supplement your diet so you won’t crave sugar! REGISTER TODAY TO GET STARTED ON YOUR OWN PERSONAL JOURNEY TO BEAT THE SUGAR BLUES! More Info

when: January 16 @ 7:30pm - 9:30pm
where: Private Loft in Greenpoint Brooklyn, 634 Manhattan Ave, 2, Brooklyn, NY, 11222 map
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