Mlk Contest 2020

MLK Contest 2020
Jan 11

Mlk Contest 2020

Central Florida Steppers Presents Steppin to the Dream 2019 MLK Dream Weekend ALL BLACK AFFAIR January 9-13th (Wed -Sun) Orlando, Florida Go to [hidden] and enter MLK Dream 2019 to get your All Access Pass & Information for our MLK Dream Weekend. Contest Info: To enter our Bring it to the Floor $3000 Steppers Contest Prelims for the final on January 17,2020, please read Contest Rules & Judging Criteria below before paying your $50 per couple competitor fee. We will then sent you your official Registration & Wavier form. Prelim location facilities, date & time to be annouce. Please fill out all the infomation needed below and click the prelim location you intend on competing in 2019. Only 10 couples per location, with the top 2 advancing to the final ( IF you have placedinany WLSC contest... You can not enter contest ) Steppin’ Contest Rules and Judging Criteria The “Bring it to the Floor Steppers’ Contest” will occur on January 17, 2020, during the Annual “Steppin to the Dream” Dream Weekend. The following information is offered (primarily) for potential contestants and supporters. A Steppers’ Contest/Competition is competitive ballroom style dancing, wherein couples are assembled on a dance floor for the purpose of being compared with other couples, by qualified judges in the final using a set of standards, to evaluate the couple’s use and execution of Steppin’ patterns and relative skills in improvisational and choreographed performances. A “Stepper” is a combination of an athlete, artist, and performer who participates in and or performs the art of Chicago Styled Steppin’. A Steppin’ Contestant/Competitor is a Stepper that has entered a Steppin’ Contest/Competition. I. ELIGIBILITY The First Annual “Bring it to the Floor Steppers’ Contests” is hosted by Central Florida Steppers. Competitors must register, by completing the Registration Form, wavier and registration fee, prior to the Preliminary Competition location date. Only 10 couples will be allow to enter in a prelim per location. Registration fee of $50 is non-refundable. There will be only 10 locations throughout the country for contestant to compete for the final. Only the top two (2) prelim couple from each location will advance to final. The 2019 prelim locations are LA, Memphis, Houston, DC, Cleveland, Tampa, ATL, Indianapolis, Montgomery & Charlotte. (Locations subject to change) All contestants must conduct themselves in a professional manner. Unsportsmanlike conduct will result in disqualification. In the event that the competition is ahead of schedule or re-ordering has occurred, competing dancers must be ready to perform 1 hour prior to scheduled time. Under no circumstances will a performer be allowed to re-perform any number unless the number has been interrupted by a technical error on the part of Central Florida Steppers (CFS) is unforeseen. Conditions of the floor are not the responsibility of CFS and will not be considered in the re-performance of an entry. CFS reserves the right to cancel or add a competition if a minimal number of entries are not received. CFS must have a Releases, Disclaimers and Waiver form signed by each couple before Steppers will be allowed to compete and must acknowledge they have read the rules and regulations. Prior to the event, questions should be sent via e-mail to the Contest Director, Gumby at [hidden]. II. CATEGORIES There’s only one category and that is steppin. Couple can do either Original or New School steppin or both. III. CONTEST FORMAT The Bring it to the Floor’ Contest is comprised of a Preliminary Contest and a Final Contest. During the Preliminary Contests, multiple couples will occupy the dance floor during each Qualifying Round. They will compete to get the attention of the audience during their performances with other couples on the floor. This is one of the reasons that audience’s participation is encouraged. Each round will require couples to perform for three (3) to four (4) minutes, to music prepared/selected by the DJ, to three (3) distinct rhythmic tempos. In the preliminary rounds leading up to the final round, audience will select and rank the couples, in every round/heat. The couples with the loudest applause will advance into the final round. “Qualifying preliminary rounds” (separate rounds of multiple couples) will continue until the 2 (two) top couples remain for the Finals. During the Final Contest, two (2) to three (3) couple will occupy the dance floor during each Round. Couples will have three (3) to four (4) minutes to impress the judges and audience while performing. Couple may selection two (2) own pre-selected music, which may, or may not, include tempo variations. Only one of their selection will be play for one minute for their performance. Finalist may, at their option, display the “Walkin’ Styling” during the first 60 seconds of their performance. The exception to the Steppin’ pattern is limited to the first minute of the Finals. Contest only. All contest music must be submitted by the specified deadline of 21 days prior to the final contest date. If the contest music is not submitted by the deadline, contestants will be required to dance to the DJ’s selection. Scores will be tallied in the presence of the Judges and will be announced to the audience, by the CFS Contest Director. IV. CONTEST PRIZES The 1st Annual Bring it to the Floor Steppers’ Contest will award over $3,000 in prizes, trophies, and other gifts – to three (3) placements. All Finalists will receive free admission to the “Steppin to the Dream Weekend”. In addition, all Finalist will receive trophies and other prizes reflecting their participation and final place finishes in the contest. The following prize money will be awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place Winners: First Place - $1500 Second Place - $1000 Third Place - $500 The 1st Place winners can only come back for the following year contest with the same partner. If they win again, they must sit out the following year contest and will not be able to switch their partner to enter the following contest. V. JUDGES Because Judging is both an objective and subjective process -- 5 judges will evaluate each round/heat in the final, to ensure fairness. Five (5) judges have been chosen on the basis of their years of experience as (1) Steppers, (2) Contestants in Steppin’ Competitions, (3) judges in other dance genre familiar with steppin, and as supporters of CFS communities. Many of them are also experienced instructors. Because “Judging” is both an objective and subjective process, and to ensure fairness to all competitors – five (5) Judges have been selected to evaluate and compare the contestants. The purpose of having several judges is to allow for different views and philosophies of dance to be represented. Each judge may have their own beliefs and opinions about what constitutes good Steppin’. Some judges may emphasize some elements and factors over others. VI. JUDGING CRITERIA The rules reflect the collective experience of many years of organizing Contests and because experienced Judges and Contestants are familiar with those rules. Consequently, Judges will look for: 1. Originality The foundation of the dance should be Steppin’ and all movements should be executed in correct musical timing within the basic pattern of the dance. Points will be deducted from couples who deviate from the basic pattern of Steppin’ and execute another dance form (e.g. Salsa, Ballrooming, Jitterbug, Tap, etc.). Note: Routine movements will be accepted, so long as they are executed within the basic pattern and time of the dance. 2. Synchronization Two partners dancing with one another in time. Points will be deducted for the following execution errors; Missing hands, Slips, Falls, Missed dips and drops, and One partner out dancing the other partner 3. Footwork Moving both feet in a rhythmic pattern that looks effortless and fancy. Footwork movement should be coordinated with the upper body movements and turns. Points will deducted from couples who fail to execute footwork while dancing, and for footwork movement that is awkward and detracting from the effortless movements that are characteristic of the dance. 4. Appearance Couples should be dressed in contest attire. Attire should be coordinated in color and should be appropriate, consistent with the rules. It should not detract from the performance by being overly revealing. Judges should not deduct points from contestants because of differing fashion opinions. However, “distracting apparel” will be decided at the judge’s discretion. Points will be deducted from couples who fail to coordinate their attire, and those who have wardrobe malfunctions. 5. Showmanship Showmanship consists of movements, both impromptu and choreographed, that are executed in the context of the dance and presented with flair and dramatic presentation. Showmanship is category specific. Points will be deducted from couples who miss partner cues or rehearsed steps; dance without flair, energy, or creative moves; fail to engage the audience in their dance; fail to keep their head up while dancing (Posture). 6. Musicality and Expression The judges and audience should be able to detect a relationship between the physical motions that they are observing – in relationship with the music that they are hearing. Steppers should be able demonstrate an awareness of the music’s tempo, breaks, rhythm, melody, and other musical interpretation point. Points will be deducted from couples who fail to demonstrate a relationship between their movements and the music that they are performing with. 7. Partnering Skills Whether the couple holds each other (is it symmetrical between the two partners and does it always look relaxed and pleasant), Whether the couple looks connected (does each partner fulfill their lead or follow role so that the couple looks at ease and synchronized), Whether the couple appears grounded (correctly using their feet, legs, and bodies to achieve a controlled, powerful, movement across the floor), Whether the couple navigates their way around the floor while dancing (as is appropriate for the dance without interfering with other couples). VII. PROHIBITED ELEMENTS INCLUDE No dancing on knees No props. A prop is defined as any foreign object or substance used by a contestant to enhance their performance. Taking one’s suit jacket off during the contest is not allow and considered a prop. Participants must have on respectful attire that covers all private body parts and under garments. If any private body part or undergarment is exposed, the couple will be disqualified. (Note: Ballerina dresses with appropriate undergarments are acceptable) No changing partners after Registration for the preliminary qualifying rounds. The qualifying couple must dance together in the finals. No Unsportsmanlike conduct. Such conduct will be examined on a case-by-case basis and could result in being banned from future Bring it to the Floor Steppers Contest participation. VIII. For More Information Read the Rules Attend a Central Florida Steppers’ organized Steppin’ Competition, as a spectator, and observe how it works For additional questions about the rules or interpretation of terms, contact Gumby at [hidden] IX. SPONSORS For questions regarding or becoming a Contest/Competition Sponsor, please contact Central Florida Steppers, at [hidden] © Copyright 2006 by Central Florida Steppers, All rights reserved. More Info below.

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