Peace & Love Tallinn 2019

Peace & Love Tallinn 2019
Mar 15

Peace & Love Tallinn 2019

Peace Love Tallinn 2019 Dear friends! I Had a vision of creating a international dance event, and organise it under the name PEACE LOVE . The idea was to join kizomba, and bachata dances in the same festival, making quality workshops with professional teachers and focusing on creating a great atmosphere for the participants. It would be a festival for the body, mind and soul! An Event that builds you up instead of tearing you down. I would want that after the festival we would go home with a feeling of happiness and elation. As you noticed the first edition of the festival was in Helsinki, followed by the second in Tallinn Estonia in 2019. It is all becoming a reality, I know that without you this would also not be possible. We welcome you with open hearts. Believe in your dreams, work hard, believe in yourself and be mindful. Note! The Artists line up, the djs and the structure of the festival will be added soon! CONFIRMED ARTISTS 1. AZZEDINE KIZOMBA from Paris, France. This young talent will teach you his smooth Urban kiz style and musicality 2. SONJA KIKIZOMBA from Belgium is going to share with you the soul of kizomba. Shes a well-known teacher who has been teaching kizomba for years around the world: https: bit. Ly2nxnytd 3. GWANY VVKLILIANA DE LIMA from France are going to show you their special style: https: bit. Ly2ns3sko 4. NASSER MING from Sweden are going to teach urban kiz 6. MO TORAKFH from Germany. Mo has been sharing his signature Kizomba From Heart-style all over Europe and will be teaching it now in Tallinn! 7. DENIS CHLOE from Germany going to share with you the best of Sensual Bachata djs 1. DJ SAI SAI from France; one of the top kizomba djs in the world 2. DJ MAY from France she is going to share with you the best of kizomba 3. DJ SMART from Russia is sharing her love for kizomba with you 4. DJ MISS MAYA from Germany will be playing the best of salsa and bachata 5. DJ PIESLOCOS from Finland will be playing salsa and bachata with his unique energy TAXI DANCER TEAM AFROKIZIAC (FRANCE) 1. ANAKIN 2. PABLO 3. FABIO 4. FANO (NORWAY) TAXI DANCER TEAM GHETTOKIZ (FRANCE) 1. DAMIEN 2. ANTONY 3. LEMZO 4. JOE 5. EDSON 6. MIKA 7. LILI 8. CURTIS 9. PA KO TAXI DANCER TEAM THE KNIGHTS OF KIZOMBA (THE NETHERLANDS) 1. DUY VAN DOAN 2. CURVIN GIJSBERTHA 3. LUOIGMAR RICHARDSON TAXE DANCER TEAM PEACE LOVE 1. ALIMOU DIALLO 2. PETRI NIEMINEN 3. ABDUL WAHIB AKHTAR Please keep your ticket from Peace and Love Helsinki on 12-14 Oct because you can use it to have a discount in the upcoming PEACE LOVE festival More Info: https://www.facebook.com/events/461831247651890/

when: March 15 @ 9am - March 18 @ 9pm
where: Tallinn, Estonie map
category: Salsa



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