Sensuality Wednesdays!! Salsa Casino, Sensual Bachata

Sensuality Wednesdays!! Salsa Casino, Sensual Bachata
Mar 04

Sensuality Wednesdays!! Salsa Casino, Sensual Bachata

NEW IN MIAMI!!! After the success every Thursday in CUBAOCHO, we open now ON WEDNESDAY!!!! NEW CLASSES, NEW SOCIAL DANCE PARTY ( FREE COVER ) 8:00pm SALSA CASINO, beginners, by popular demanding 9:00pm SENSUAL BACHATA, all levels, everybody love this dance! 10:00pm SOCIAL DANCE PARTY SBK Were been teaching more than 10 years, and 3 years in Miami with a big success. It doesnt matter if you dont have couple, or dont know absolutly how to dance, DONT BE SHY!!!!, every day we have NEW STUDENTS, so just COME!!! SALSA CASINO Is so easy, and superfun. You learn the steps in the class, we route all the time, so you can dance with everybody. At the end of the class we practice the steps in the tipical RUEDA or circle, if you try it youll love it!!!!! SENSUAL BACHATA This new dance is rocking in Europe, Asia and now USA. Came from Domician Bachata, but is a mix of different romantic dances, like tango, Zouk, Kizomba, Hip Hop, Ballroom dancesand is SO SEXY!!!! THE TEACHER Pedro De Los Rios, come from Spain, is teacher of Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba, Zumba, Personal Trainer. He loves to teach, and let the people be so confortable knowing other people, and having fun. Learn dance is healty, improve your coordination and your social skills. Were creating a BIG DANCE COMMUNITY in MIAMI, and everybody is WELCOME!!! THE PLACE Who doesnt know CUBAOCHO??? If not, is an ART BAR, MUSEUM, full of pictures, things that belonged to FRANK SINATRA, and huge Stage ( every weekend play the BEST BANDS OF MIAMI ), special energy and spirit in the place. Best dance floor, and Awesome music system. CUBAOCHO, 1465 SW 8th st, 33135 Miami. SPECIALS ( SHOWING THIS FLYER ) Cubetazo, 25 five beers. Cubalibre ( rum + coke ) 2x 10!!!!! Our prices are supergood, from 8hour: NEW PRICES ( 2017-2018 ) MONTHLY PAYMENT, FLAT RATE, includes 16 classes, 2 hour Wednesday ( Salsa + Bachata ) and 2 hours Thursday ( Cubaocho 1465 sw 8th st, 8:30pm Kizomba, 9:30pm Sensual Bachata ).............................................140 ( 8class, or less ) PACK 10 CLASSES............................. 120 ( 12class, you can use Wherever and Whenever ) PACK 5 CLASSES............................... 70 ( 14class, you can use Wherever and Whenever ) PACK 2 CLASSES DAY.........................30 ( 15class, Kizomba + Bachata, same day ) 1 HOUR class: 18 PROMO!! EARLY BIRD do the RSVP in Meet up, 1 HOUR class: 16 ( you can reserve till 8:00 pm same day ), or 2 HOUR, 28 ( PLEASE SHOW YOUR RSVP WHEN YOU GO TO PAY, WE CAN'T LOOK FOR IT, THANK YOU!!! ) COVER Party: FREE!!! IMPORTANT: If you like our PLACES, you must SUPPORT US CONSUMING every time you attend, NO MATER YOUR GENDER, RELIGION, SITUATION...etc is OUR PERSONAL RESPONSABILITY to keep the place for US!! THANKS!! More Info below.

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Phone: 786-213-0975
[email protected]
when: March 4 @ 8pm - March 5 @ 1am
where: Cubaocho Museum & Performing Arts Center, 1465 SW 8th Street, Suite 106, Miami, FL map
price: Free
category: Salsa




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