Salsa Rueda At The Tannery - Tannery Arts Center

Salsa Rueda at the Tannery - Tannery Arts Center
Aug 14

Salsa Rueda At The Tannery - Tannery Arts Center

Beginner level salsa rueda (circular salsa) lessons taught every Sunday afternoon at the Tannery Dance Center in Santa Cruz by the Bailamos Salsa Rueda team. WE LOVE TO DANCE; we love to socialize and meet people. Even shy ones feel comfortable in our friendly environment. Our goal is to get you moving in rhythm and to have FUN. Before you know it, you'll become a better leader or follower. Come check us out--Drop ins are always welcome. HUMM.Wear comfortable shoes and clothing. As you improve you can style up if you want. WHERE AM I.Always ask the instructor if he or she thinks you are ready to move up. Enjoy where you are at. It is a good place. There is no competition; to race to complete. Enjoy the process! BE PATIENT: Don't push yourself too hard. It takes time for your body to get used to the rhythm and movement. Plus, there is a lot to learn at every level. When you're 100% confident, then you're ready to try the next level. HYGENE HELPS.Bring a towel or extra shirt, and PLEASE use little to NO FRAGRANCE. Clean bodies do just fine More Info below.

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Phone: 831- 818-1834
[email protected]
when: August 14 @ 6:30pm - 8pm
where: Tannery Arts Center, 1060 River St. #111, Santa Cruz, CA map
price: $7
category: Salsa




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