Bluesila 2019

Bluesila 2019
Aug 15

Bluesila 2019

ABOUT BLUESDANCE.LT We are the first and only community of Blues dancers in Lithuania, whose goal is to share Blues moves with anyone who wants to learn it. Our greatest desire is to bring together people who are indifferent to Blues music and dream to dance this rare and little-known dance. Many find out that Blues can not only listen, but also dance with this music. This dance began to develop in the late colonial period, the Blues shocked African-American slaves. Tired after a hard day, African-Americans played sad Blues music and danced. It's hard to accurately describe what Blues Dance is about, as it has evolved over the years, many dancing Blues uses dance elements. More Info: http://bluesdance.lt/

when: August 15 @ 9am - July 18 @ 9pm
where: Vilnius, Lithuania map
category: Swing



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