Maribor Swing Festival

Maribor Swing Festival
May 16

Maribor Swing Festival

MSF is a traditional Swing festival in Maribor, that has been organized by The Swing Brats Society since 2010. The festival takes place every year during spring time, when Maribor is at the peak of its beauty. Usually, it happens on the last weekend of the month of May At first, the event was called The Swing Brats Festival Workshops, however, in 2014, its name was changed to Maribor Swing Festival. The new name was accompanied by a new graphical appearance and program scheme resulting in an unforgettable Mariborian dance event lasting several days, as we know it nowadays. The core of the festival activities take place in the very center of the town the workshops are being hosted in the premises of Pingi dancing school, the dance evenings are being held in the hottest clubs in town, the headline MSF event the main dance evening invites its guests to the premises of Narodni dom Maribor. The dancers, guests and visitors of MSF, who come from near and far, increasing in number every year, enjoy the company of an excellent array of international tutors. Every year while organizing, we try to expand the festival program with a surprise here and there, we take care of the quality of the workshops, to offer entertaining leisure time, to offer a wide range of exceptional performers of live swing music, and of course, last but not least, to offer a lot of laughter and fun. Especially, we try to keep a high level of the proverbial Styrian hospitality in hopes of you leaving the festivities with unforgettable, inimitable, and in particular, only the most beautiful memories. The applications for the MSF are currently in full swing, therefore we invite you to visit our official festival home page and ... More Info below.

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Phone: (+38)6 041 253 512
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when: May 16 @ 9am - May 19 @ 9pm
where: Maribor, Slovenia map
category: Swing



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