Low & Slow

Low & Slow
May 02

Low & Slow

2n Edition of Low Slow with Adamo Ciarallo Vicci Moore. ExCLuSiVe End ThErMaL PaRtY with Agathe Da Rama. Low Slow is born from a dream and a way of feeling, understanding and expressing blues music. For us, blues is one of the dancing disciplines that require the most interpretative attitude. Our identity is constituted by the creativity and emotion sprung from us when we dance a blues and it allows for all our background to emerge. Water is the element with which we identify ourselves the most when we dance a blues. Its fluid and sinuous movements are an inspiration. For all that, we have decided to create this international blues workshop in La Garriga, for it is a suitable enclave thanks to it thermal waters and the warmth of the environment and its people. Welcome to Low Slow! More Info: https://www.lowandslow.es

when: May 2 @ 9am - May 5 @ 9pm
where: La Garriga, Spain map
category: Swing



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