Menorca Lindy Exchange

Menorca Lindy Exchange
May 01

Menorca Lindy Exchange

The general conditions for those attending Minorca Lindy Exchange, will be managed by Jazz Obert Associaci d'Alligtors. The person who registers to the Menorca Lindy Exchange must have read and accepted the legal conditions of the meeting and legal and privacy requirements , imposed by the organization, otherwise it could not participate in Menorca Lindy Exchange, REGISTRATION PROCEDURE Fill in the form on the web. You will receive an email with the confirmation of the pre-reservation to the Menorca Lindy Exchange, where they will provide you with all the payment information, once this email is received, you will have a maximum of 72 hours to make the payment and thus get the confirmation of the Place to the Exchange. You can make the payment by making an income, or by bank transfer to the account provided by the organization. Once an income has been made, the Organization of Menorca Lindy Exchange considers that the reservation is paid, and does not commit to any partial or total refund, to be able to cover management expenses and damages, for example, not having allowed pre -inscriptions after the cancellation unless you find another candidate (same role and type of registration) to replace you, the change of registration will occur without any cost. More Info: https://www.swingxalada.jazzobert.com/

when: May 1 @ 9am - May 5 @ 9pm
where: Ciutadella de Menorca, Spain map
category: Swing



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