Swing Roar 2019 - Lyon Lindy Hop And Solo Jazz Festival

Swing Roar 2019 - Lyon Lindy Hop and Solo Jazz Festival
Mar 29

Swing Roar 2019 - Lyon Lindy Hop And Solo Jazz Festival

Gon'a Swing comes from Gones which means the Lyonnais ... swinging! The association was born from the desire to promote dance, and especially swing dances with demonstrations, events, classes, etc. It is open to all and aims to share with all players in the swing of Lyon a common passion, social dance. The association is home to a troupe who regularly dances with the group Djoukil ( http:www.djoukil.com ) and organizes regular internships. A part of the members of the association also gives weekly classes. Throughout the year, Gon'a Swing organizes parties and participates voluntarily in parties where our members offer introductions. Our evenings are the ideal place to practice and share one or more dances in a friendly setting and, most often, to the sound of an orchestra. Our regular evenings: Clef de Voute evenings with Djoukil, one Friday a month. The Keystone, 1 place Chardonnet, 69001 Lyon. Evenings at the Halte Vaise, 1 place of Paris, 69009 Lyon. Evenings at the Sirius, 4 Quai Victor Augagneur, Berges du Rhne, 69003 Lyon Evenings at the Groom, 6 rue Roger Violi, 69001 Lyon. The Rockamahjou organizes an evening a Friday by month with orchestra. The evening is preceded by a 2 hour lindy hop workshop for beginners. Find the complete list of our parties on our calendar . More Info: https://web.facebook.com/events/124120538150413/

when: March 29 @ 9am - April 1 @ 9pm
where: Lyon, France map
category: Swing



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