Musicality Workshop 2019

Musicality Workshop 2019
Mar 01

Musicality Workshop 2019

Musicality Workshop 2019 With Anne-Helene Bargain Cavasa And Bernard Cavasa Hot Swing Sextet !!!!!!!!!!!!We met in Paris during our optician studies. We went to Toulouse where we worked in optical shops. We got married and had our first two kids. Then we wanted to do an activity together. We chose the Rock to be able to dance during weddings of our friends :) It was in 1997. For the little story, the first night we almost left without dancing! Fortunately, our teachers invited us, and from there, we left the dance floor! After 6 months (January 1998), we discovered Lindy Hop, then Balboa and Blues. The Swing dances virus has infected us! And we had just 3 months of dance that we went to New York (where we met Franckie, Norma, Rayan Jenny), then to Herrang! In 1999, we stopped regular classes because we were waiting for our little girl 3. After her birth, we quickly resumed dancing and continued to learn at workshop all over the world. In July 2001, we went to a camp in Montreal. It was a turning point! Meeting with Sylvia Sykes and 1st Balboa private lessons, and discover the connection in Lindy Hop! It was incredible at that time, the American dancers were no longer charleston, only swing out where everything was lead and followed. The classes focused on this aspect. In the evening, there were a lot of modern musics and styles of other dances like Hip Hop. More Info: http://studiohop.com/index.php/accueil-mu

when: March 1 @ 9am - March 3 @ 9pm
where: Studio Hop, Toulouse, France map
category: Swing



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