Formosa Bounce It

Formosa Bounce It
Feb 14

Formosa Bounce It

Formosa, meaning beautiful in Portuguese, also is a the name of Taiwan back in the Age of Discovery. Since the Age of Discovery, Taiwan had been praised by Portugese, Formosa!; Until the Roaring 20s, Taiwan was flourishing and becoming an indispensable hub for maritime trade. Due to all this, Taiwan is influenced by different cultures, and this definitely shows the diversity in Taiwans Swing Dance scene. As Frankie said. When you are dancing with your partner, for that two and a half minutes, you are in love with each other. So now, its your best time to fall in love with Taiwan! Formosa Bounce It provides you 8 hours of classes with best quality and best instructors. Not only the techniques, but also the true spirit of Lindy Hop that you will learn from our classes. Dont hesitate! Come to dance and lets BOUNCE! More Info: https://www.formosabounceit.com/

when: February 14 @ 9am - February 17 @ 9pm
where: Taipei, Taiwan map
category: Swing



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