Brothers In Jazz 2019

Brothers in Jazz 2019
Jan 18

Brothers In Jazz 2019

If you add to your recipe some lindy hoppers, half a cup of claqueteros, half a liter of hip hoperos breakers, a handful of good musicians and two good dj you get a delicious party called Brothers in Jazz. That's how we created it and that's the way it is. We like to share the same dance floor with different communities because we learn from each other while we get inspired and our dance gets enriched. These styles, in one way or another, are branches of the same tree, different expressions of the same culture, but it is not a fusion, you will have classes of the different styles and at night we will dance as much as we can We seek to improve our dance through improving our internal dancer. Inspire us not only by looking at what is in front of us but also at the sides. We know that dancing improves and if we learn more, we dance more. More Info: https://bigmamaswing.com/index.php/brothersinjazz

when: January 18 @ 9am - January 20 @ 9pm
where: Madrid, Spain map
category: Swing



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