Turin Lindy Marathon

Turin Lindy Marathon
Dec 30

Turin Lindy Marathon

Early Bird registrations will be open on 1st October at 6p.m. The cost of the 24hours-in3days-marathon with live band every night is 55 for person. Early bird registrations are available only in couple and they end on the 19th October. Place to seat, cutlery and more for New Year's eve social dinner is 5. The cost of registrations starting from 20th October is 65 per person, for couple registrations, or 70 for a single one. The first Lindy Hop marathon for New Year! 24 hours of Lindy Hop in 3 consecutive days, to celebrate together the end of the year and the start of a new one! This heroic New Year event will only be held at the Fortino. Add it in your diaries: 30th dec, 31st dec, 1st jan - first Turin Lindy Marathon! Is possible to have a social dinner on 31st dec. We have 101 seats for you and flatware, dishes, water, wine... and microwaves to heat your food. Bring it from home and eat with us in the most social dinner of the year! Book your seat when you sign up. Don't miss it! The first Lindy Marathon for New Year's Eve is at Fortino, in Turin. - Voici le premier Marathon de Lindy Hop pour le rveillon! 24 heures de Lindy Hop sur 3 jours conscutifs pour clbrer ensemble la fin de l'anne et le dbut du nouvel an! Le rveillon hroque du Lindy Hop sera seulement au Fortino. Notez sur votre agenda: 30 et 31 Dcembre et 1er Janvier - First Turin Lindy Marathon! More info coming soon... More Info: http://www.labicicleta.it/TLM/

when: December 30 @ 9am - January 1 @ 9pm
where: Turin, Italy map
category: Swing



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