When Tango’Es Lindy

When Tango’es Lindy
Dec 28

When Tango’Es Lindy

Welcome to When Tangoes Lindy!!! This is an extraordinary event that will take place between the 28th and 30th of December in the most beautiful town in Switzerland, Bern! It will bring together people from all over the world to dance and have fun, merging the two worlds of Tango and Lindy Hop! There will be classes with amazing international teachers (Sweden, Switzerland, Brazil and more) and lots of music and parties! TEACHERS AND ORGANISATION TEAM MEMBERS Eugenia Parrilla - Buenos Aires, Argentina Yanick Wyler - Zrich, Schweiz Flora Benedetti - Bologna, Italy Sabina Seiler - Bern, Schweiz Thomas Dempfle - Berlin, Deutschland Catrine Ljunggren - Jnkping, Sweden Daniel Larsson - Stockholm, Sweden Vivian Pennafiel - So Paulo, Brazil Francisco Nogueira - So Paulo, Brazil Solstickan (Solis) Malmberg - Upsala, Sweden Eva Sacchi - Bern, Schweiz Nanda Dias - So Paulo, Brazil (jazznflowers) Hugo Coimbra - Porto, Portugal (jazznflowers) Emma Westberg - Jormlien, Sweden Annie Elf - Norrtlje, Sweden REGISTRATION This will be a cosy and small camp and the registration is already open, so if you want to be part of it, please make sure you register as soon as possible! The registration can be easily done on the website: https:www.whentangoeslindy.chen You can also find more information there about the camp, such as accommodation, parties, levels, classes, etc. Don't forget to bring all your enthusiasm and happiness to share with us during these days! We hope to see you all there! WHEN TANGO'ES LINDY, THE ICE STARTS MELTING More Info: https://www.whentangoeslindy.ch/

when: December 28 @ 9am - December 30 @ 9pm
where: Bern, Switzerland map
category: Swing



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