Montpellier Lindy Hop Weekend # 18

Montpellier Lindy Hop Weekend # 18
Dec 14

Montpellier Lindy Hop Weekend # 18

This is the 18th edition of this Festival. This year we welcome 3 couples of the famous Swedish troupe: The Harlem Hots Shot. 2 days of classes with Mimi, Lizette, Gabriella, Fredricks, Nills and Patrik. 3 nights including one live with Gallaad Moutoz Swing Orchestra and Dj guests. 4 levels of classes, 2 workshops to discover or improve you. Montpellier Lindy Hop Weekend is the festival that should not be missed ... Info and registration open on www.swingcat.fr The school Montpellier Swing dances: Lindy Hop, Balboa, Charleston, Solo Swing, but also, Rock, Salsa, Tap, Hip Hop, Zumba, Ragga Dancehall, Street Jazz. In group lessons, One-to-one tuition, Professional course, Kids' courses - Teenagers - Adults The Swing Cat Studios were created by Cathy Gilbert Cadene. They are the first generation of French dancers to have developed swing dances in France since 1994. They were able to breathe the swing in Montpellier and were the first to organize Swing Dance Stages and Festival in Montpellier since 1994: Lindy Hop On the Beach , Montpellier Lindy Hop Weekend , Montpellier Balboa Rendez-vous . Many dancers and organizers have followed in their footsteps, making Montpellier one of the biggest swing scene in France. Trained by the greatest dancers including of course Frankie Manning, but also: Diane and Rob Van Haaren, Ryan Francis Jenny Thomas, Eddie Eva, Asa Daniel Heedman, Julie Oram, Angela Andrew ... Cathy Gilbert continue to shine the spirit of Swing with boundless energy. They have taught in the largest international workshops in France, in Europe (including the famous Herrang Dance Camp in Sweden, the largest Swing dance camp in the world) and the United States. The Swing Cat Studios: More than a dance school ... More Info: http://www.swingcatcie.com/

when: December 14 @ 9am - December 16 @ 9pm
where: Montpellier, France map
category: Swing



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