Rug Cutter Days 2 Swing Workshops & Partys 2018

Rug Cutter Days 2 Swing Workshops & Partys 2018
Nov 16

Rug Cutter Days 2 Swing Workshops & Partys 2018

Second Rug Cutter Days are coming Loads of Lindy Hop classes, parties and fun are awaiting you Nov. 16th to 18th 2018. 2 trainer couples: Mlanie Hugo (FR) [hidden] Anna Jakob (SWE) [hidden] 2 Parties + Live Bands: Degginger - Pilsner Jazz Band ([hidden]) Leerer Beutel - Gramophoniacs ([hidden]) Extra Workshops: Airsteps Solo Jazz Info Registration: [hidden] avoid long distance rides and spending a lot of money on accomodation we would love if locals could offer their homes to accomodate people visiting from further away. We hope for our workshops to attract more people and we are able to implement an exchange with dancers from different communities. Most people don't have high expectations. A place for a roll matt usually does the trick. Please tell us when you registrate if you are able to host people and how many. If you are looking for a host in Regensburg, let us know. We will try our best to find a place to stay for you. More Info below.

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Phone: (+49) 160 95462951
[email protected]
when: November 16 @ 9am - November 18 @ 9pm
where: Regensburg, Germany map
category: Swing

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