Beginner Dance Lessons - Foxtrot In February!

Beginner Dance Lessons - Foxtrot in February!
Feb 04

Beginner Dance Lessons - Foxtrot In February!

I'll be teaching a series of Foxtrot lessons as a volunteer for USA Dance. When? Sunday February 4th, 11th, 18th, and 25th from 5-6pm Class progresses from week to week, but don't worry if you miss one - I'll do a lot of review. Where? Idaho Ballroom Dance Center, 943 W. Overland Rd. in Meridian (yes, I know...ME, in Meridian...did you think you'd see the day?) How Much? $3 per person per day (please bring cash) What's it like? It's like, awesome. Foxtrot is the happiest dance on Earth, and it's easy to learn, especially from me - HA! We will start out with the most basic step and build on from there. In the classes I teach, we rotate partners. It makes for faster learning, (hopefully) a nice social experience, and gives everyone a chance to dance with a partner in the case there are more leaders than followers or vice-versa. That said, if you really really don't want to switch partners, I won't force you. I'll have handouts of the steps we did and tips for their execution, as well as YouTube video recaps of the material I covered. More Info below.

when: February 4 @ 5pm - 6pm
where: Idaho Ballroom Dance Center, Boise, Idaho, 943 W Overland Rd, Ste 100, Meridian, ID map
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