Bite-Sized Ballroom Classes: Tango/Foxtrot

Bite-Sized Ballroom Classes: Tango/Foxtrot
Jan 29

Bite-Sized Ballroom Classes: Tango/Foxtrot

Check out our NEW Bite-Sized Ballroom Classes! Tango and Foxtrot are not only extremely popular, but are two of the best dances to improve your lead and follow. The techniques learned in these dances will help improve your overall skills as a dancer! We’re splitting each class half and half so you can get the best of both worlds! There are two levels to choose from – Beginner for those who are brand new, or Intermediate if you are already comfortable with the basics! The elegant, smooth, and romantic Foxtrot was the most popular dance in the 20?s and 30?s, and is still a favorite of many ballroom dancers today! Usually danced to jazz and big band swing-style music, Foxtrot is versatile enough to be danced to almost anything! The Tango is the most infamously dramatic, romantic, and mysterious of all Ballroom dances. You will find famous Tango scenes in movies such as Take the Lead, True Lies, and Scent of a Woman. In our Beginner level you’ll be introduced to timing, dance position, and the core Beginner steps each week. NO experience is needed! Then in the Intermediate class you’ll build on the foundation you already have, giving you fancier moves and bigger more beautiful turns! Each hour long class is only $10 for members ($15 for non-members) and no partner or reservation needed! Just come in and pay at the door! More Info below.

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when: January 29 @ 2pm - 3pm
where: The Dance Shack, 3837 Southside Blvd Suite 1, Jacksonville, FL map
category: Foxtrot
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