Contemporary Modern With Blue Scorpion Dance Theater

Contemporary Modern with Blue Scorpion Dance Theater
Jan 31

Contemporary Modern With Blue Scorpion Dance Theater

Come join us Sunday Mornings at SAFEhouseArts. Frederick Gaudette, Director of Blue Scorpion Dance Theater, is teaching class on Sunday mornings from 10:00 am to Noon on Sundays from 1/31 to 2/21, as a precursor to his 2016 RAW (Resident Artist's Workshop) this Summer. This is a free class series Donations to Blue Scorpion Dance Theater and SAFEhouseArts are graciously accepted, but certainly not required your presense is support enough. We look forward to seeing you there! About the class: An intermediate/advanced level class for students, post students, and professionals at every age and stage of their development and career. Advanced-beginning students are also encouraged to attend. The beginning portion of class focuses on basic techniques and concepts. Exercises are built around traditional ballet and modern modalities. This is followed by two movement phrases: the first focusing on presence, awareness, exploration and the second working into more physically intense, technically savvy movement. This approach allows students to work on their minds, emotions, and bodies equally pulling the whole dancer together body, mind, and spirit. Dancers are given the idea of the end result and then encouraged to ask questions of themselves and explore how to get there for themselves. The idea is to allow students to become their own teacher and engage in problem solving in a way that will serve them well in all of their movement pursuits. Frederick believes in the power of dance as a performance art, so all work is created with the intention of being seen; this translates into a deep focus on musicality, connection, and communication. He doesn’t believe in breaking oneself for the sake of art, so there will always be discussion of healthy mental, emotional, and physical dance practices. Whole art can only be created by whole artists. There’s great joy in moving and living in a spirited body, and Frederick seeks to help all those he works with to find joy and enjoyment in their work, practice, and performance. About Frederick: Frederick Gaudette began dancing in 1984 with Marie Patent at the New Hampshire Academy of the Performing Arts. He developed a love for performance at a young age when he was presented with a pair of shiny patent leather tap shoes and encouraged to make as much noise as he could. He was very active in Musical Theater through youth and high school before transitioning to concert dance in college where he earned his BFA in Dance Performance at Stephens College in 2001. Following college, he moved to the Pacific Northwest where he joined Spectrum Dance Theater in Seattle first with founding Director, Dale Merrill, then with it’s current director, Donald Byrd. It was during his time with Byrd where he really started to ‘see’ dance and how movement and creation with the body could reach out and connect with people at very raw, visceral levels. As a performer he continued his explorations in the Bay Area through his work with Ronn Guidi at the Oakland Ballet as well as guest performances with many of the Bay Area’s smaller companies. He started his teaching and choreographic work in Seattle at the Washington Academy of the Performing Arts in 2004 and has been teaching and choreographing in the Bay Area since his arrival in 2005. In 2011, he founded Blue Scorpion Dance Theater as a vehicle to start creating work around his developing aesthetic, intent, and purpose, and served as Ballet Master for Enrico Labayan’s LabayanDance during its 2012 season. Currently, Frederick gets to share his passion for the movement arts as a guest Choreographer and movement coach with the students of the KathyMataBallet. He’s so honored to be a part of this incredible organization of adult beginning/intermediate students. The aesthetic of his choreography lies at the intersection of traditional Ballet, Modern, and Release techniques and his teaching focuses primarily on simplicity, gravity, and musicality. He has a deep belief that dance is for everybody, and his goal as a teacher/choreographer is to help students find the tools and techniques within their own hearts, bodies, and minds: an inside-out approach to creating movement that is satisfying for both performer and viewer. More Info below.

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when: January 31 @ 10am - 12pm
where: SAFEhouseArts - 1 Grove, 1 Grove St, San Francisco, CA map
category: Modern dance



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