Lindyfest 2014 - Invitational Strictly Lindy Hop Finals

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Top swing dancers compete in the Invitational contest at Lindyfest and the Lone Star Championships in Houston, Texas. Featuring Peter Strom, Jo Hoffberg, Skye Humphries, Frida Segerdahl, Mike Roberts, Joanna Lucero, Brooks Prumo, Laura Glaess, Kevin St-Laurent, Gaby Cook, Nick Williams, Nina Gilkenson, Michael "Dargoff" Darigol, Brittany Johnson, Todd Yannacone and Ramona Staffeld. Live music by Naomi Uyama and Her Handsome Devils: Naomi Uyama (vocals), Dalton Ridenhour (piano), Jake Sanders (guitar), Jared Engel (bass), Jeremy Noller (drums), Evan Arnzten (reeds), Charlie Halloran (trombone). For more on Lindyfest and Lone Star, visit

Posted on: November 8, 2014 by Vovan Shifrin Location: Houston, Texas