The Syncopated Walk - Watch Your Step (Berlin) - Played by Prince's Grand Concert Band

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The Syncopated Walk - Watch Your Step (Berlin) - Played by Prince's Grand Concert Band "Supervised by George Hepburn Wilson" Recorded by The Columbia Graphophone Company, New York, December 11, 1914. This Issue: 12" English Columbia No.540 Matrix 37094 "The Syncopated Walk" is from the musical show "Watch Your Step" which was written by Irving Berlin and was his debut musical. The show premiered on Broadway in December 1914. Interestingly, the show featured the talents of the famous professional dancers Vernon and Irene Castle, so it is entirely fitting that this recording session was supervised by another dance identity in George Hepburn Wilson. This tune, in my opinion is an absolute classic of the ragtime genre, where the dancers and listeners of the music would barely realise the revolutionary chapter of American music they were about to "syncopate" and "cakewalk" into! Charles A. Prince (1869-1937) was a very prolific bandleader, arranger, conductor and pianist who was famous for conducting the Columbia orchestra and his own bands and orchestras. He recorded as early as 1891 until the early twenties. His bands were composed of first class-musicians who played very well disciplined music, but frequently "cut loose" with the popular new music of the day, ragtime and emerging jazz. . George Hepburn Wilson was an American professional dance instructor and author of Modern Dance magazine who supervised many of Charles Prince's band recordings of dance music. Recorded and processed from an original vintage 78 by myself.

Posted on: November 21, 2022 by Danceus Staff