Martha Graham's Appalachian Spring Part 1/4

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Part 1/4 Appalachian Spring Premiered 1944 Choreographed by Martha Graham Original Score by Aaron Copland This part contains the following movements of the piece: 1st movement: Very slowly. Introduction of the characters, one by one, in a suffused light. 2nd movement: Fast. Sudden burst of unison strings in A major arpeggios starts the action. A sentiment both elated and religious gives the keynote to this scene. 3rd movement: Moderate. Duo for the Bride and her Intended scene of tenderness and passion. Dancers in this film: The Bride: Martha Graham The Husbandman: Stuart Hodes The Revivalist: Bertram Ross The Pioneer Woman: Matt Turney The Revivalists' Flock: Yuriko, Helen McGehee, Ethel Winter, Miriam Cole Film Directed and Photographed by Peter Glushanok, Produced by Nathan Kroll, Presented by WQED Pittsburgh. Filmed in 1959.

Posted on: November 21, 2022 by Danceus Staff