Bomba Drumming "Holandé" Rhythm w/Amazing & Beautiful Dancer

Vote for Video: Bomba Drumming w/Amazing & Beautiful Dancer "This is Bomba from Puerto Rico, specifically the Rhythm of Holande. The drums are not Congas nor Djembes, they are called Barriles de Bomba. The middle drummer is called el Primo, as you can see he is marking the dancers movements, which are called (Piquetes). The others drummers, the Buleadores are playing the Rhythm. There are over 25 + rhythms in Bomba. The singer is playing the Maraca, and the other gentlemen the Cuas, which are the 2 sticks. Some Bomba rhythms are faster, some slower, but they all have different sentiments. The group is called La Tribu de Abrante, one of the many groups on the island keeping our tradition alive. Bomba and Plena (pan drums and a different genre) are Afro- Puerto Rican." (description by KoKo Narvaez:)

Posted on: December 24, 2018 by Danceus Staff