Exclusive Food Bowl Dinner: Going Buggy For Escamoles

Exclusive Food Bowl Dinner: Going Buggy for Escamoles
May 17

Exclusive Food Bowl Dinner: Going Buggy For Escamoles

Chef Fernando Villagomez, who has transported the flavors of his native Michoacán and other regions of Mexico to LA with his three stalls at historic Grand Central Market (Villa Moreliana, La Tostadería, La Frutería) and Abbot Kinney eateries (Boca de Agua, La Tostadería), now introduces adventurous diners to a rare Mexican delicacy enjoyed since the time of the Aztecs. Mexico's answer to caviar, escamoles are the larvae of a species of ants harvested from the roots of maguey plants in Central Mexico. Prized for their buttery, nutty flavor and scarcity, escamoles show up as a seasonal specialty on the menu of gourmet Mexico City restaurants in spring and summer. It’s taken more than eight centuries, but Angelenos will finally get to discover this taste treat during Los Angeles Times Food Bowl. Chef Fernando has been able to import a limited supply of this rarity for the following four-course tasting menu. MENU Starter Three Traditional Mexican Sopes Huitlacoche / Corn Mushroom Chicharrón / Fried Pork Flor de Calabaza / Squash Blossom Entrée Fresh Nopales Salad Mexican Cheese Chicharrón Crumbs / Fried Pork Crumbs Hibiscus Dressing Main Escamoles the Mexican Caviar Butter & Veggies Guacamole Pure Chile Morita Salsa Dessert Mexican Sweet Tamal Cream Cheese Blackberry Jam Chongos Ice Cream* Guava Pecans Mexican Wine & Beer *Chongos is a Mexican dessert made of curdled milk, sugar and cinnamon. More Info

when: May 17 @ 6pm - 10pm
where: La Tostaderia, 1121 Abbot Kinney Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA, 90291 map
category: Salsa



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