Foundations Of Argentine Tango

Foundations of Argentine Tango
Jan 12

Foundations Of Argentine Tango

Imagine learning the foundations of Argentine tango in just 15 weeks. Imagine discovering the underlying principles of this fascinating partner dance through clear and logically progressing animated illustrations, videos, and small-group lessons, so that after 15 weeks you will be able to create your own dance to match the music. Tangomasters Foundations of Argentine Tango series will make that imagination real for you. We first spend 5 weeks learning the basic principles of connection, movement and musicality. Then 5 more weeks exploring musicality while cementing your connection to partner and movement together. The last 5 weeks will show you instant choreography, the expansion of your musicality using choreographic principles. You WILL need a partner for this class, someone to practice with, because there will be homework. register at http://tangomasters.biz/foundations How to find us: register at http://tangomasters.biz/foundations for address More Info

when: January 12 @ 10am - 11am
where: Private Studio, location disclosed by email, Seattle, wa, 98101 map
price: $160
category: Argentine Tango



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