All The Cats Join In A Balboa & Shag Affair

All The Cats Join In A Balboa & Shag Affair
Mar 08

All The Cats Join In A Balboa & Shag Affair

We would like to thank everyone who contributed to making ATCJI 2018 a successful and spectacular event: Swing Patrol Directors: Claudia Funder, Scott Cupit Event managers: Julia Wharington, John Wharington Social event managers: Nicki Jackson, Mel Smith, Ian Caughley Volunteer manager and front of house manager: Kerryn Hyde Registration desk Lani Zaragoza, Miriam Mani, Vanessa Nimmo, Tara Ziemann, Ilsub Shin, Beatriz Carbajal, Clare Petersen, Mike Brooks, Brydie McLatchie, Catherine Pogonowski, Theo Davis, Belinda Stopar Site crew Ari Levi, Adam Celeban, Asha Sebastian, Ilsub Shin, Monica McNab, Patricia Goettler, Tara Ziemann, Tim Jones, Libby Gardiner, Miriam Mani, Beatriz Carbajal, Lani Zaragoza, Michelle Teunon, Brydie McLatchie, David Roebuck Instructors and competition judges: Annabelle Hale, Derek Carruthers, Irina Amzashvili, Jacob Wigger, Jennifer Lee, Jeremy Otth, Melissa Shahin, Mike Mizgalski, Nial Bruce, Trish Carruthers MCs: Melinda Smith, Jason Selva-Kulendran, David Shackleford, Julia and John Wharington Music manager: Julia Wharington Live music: Chonk and Mat Jodrell and his Romping Stompers DJs: Kathryn Atkinson, Luke Serrano, Robert Edwards, Tyler Holmes, Julia Wharington Audio: John Harvey (HB Audio), Luke Serrano Competition managers: Ian Caughley, Melinda Smith Instructor's aides: Kate Davison, Vanessa Nimmo, Max Pogonowski Instructor's hosts: Sarah and Anthony Wheaton, Annabelle Hale, Jess Miles, Julia and John Wharington Instructor's drivers: Asha Sebastian, Annabelle Hale, Julia Wharington, John Wharington, Jess Miles, Sarah Wheaton Website design: John Wharington, Derek Carruthers Graphic design: Stephanie Bradley Merchandise: Stephanie Bradley, Julia Wharington Photography: Damon van Opdorp Videography: John Wharington Marketing and social media: Julia Wharington Pizza catering: Ian Caughley Birthday cakes: Stephanie Bradley Paella catering: Paella Pan Bar: Liquid Infusion Accommodation coordinator: Nicki Jackson Decorations and theme design: John Wharington, Nicki Jackson, Mel Smith, Ian Caughley, Julia Wharington The Cat's Pyjamas sponsors: Open Air Shuffle and Club Maxie's More Info: http://www.allthecatsjoinin.com.au/

when: March 8 @ 9am - March 11 @ 9pm
where: Melbourne, Australia map
category: Swing



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